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mindbody centering yoga


mindbody centering yoga

"the body is a calligraphic gesture of the mind"

MindBody Centering Yoga (MBCY) is a cutting-edge technique that awakens the innate intelligence of the body/mind into its full potential.    A sophisticated confluence of Master teachings from the arts and sciences of hatha/raja yoga, classical ballet, psychology,  Alexander Technique, experiential anatomy, kinesthesiology, psycho-somatic neurology, energy medicine and spiritual sutra study, supports the emergence of a healthy and whole human being. 

MindBody Centering was developed, practiced and shared by Nina Be in 1975 in New York City when she was working with professional performing artists and athletes.  The MBCY certification trainings have been offered more then 20 times over the past 10 years.  We have graduated over 150 yogis, 90% of whom work as yoga professionals.

MindBody Centering Yoga teaches what research has proven; the most accessible doorway to liberation and  thriving growth is through connection into the resonance of the heart.  The clarity and  wisdom of the MBCY technique  instructs the body-mind, to bypass old patterns of imbalance that create discomfort, re-patterning ones neurological map into an enhanced homeostasis of ease. Every person, then, naturally begins to self-organize, align, and attune into greater integration, strength and grace. 

MindBody Centering Yoga supports self-realization and living from loving abundance. The MBCY process of growth and moving into potential, happens by educating ourselves; actively choosing to be aligned, balanced, strong, and flexible with awareness in the present moment.

MindBody Centering Yoga is an empowering and effective practice that has supported thousands of people from all walks of life to access their true potential and find their personal sanctity.

MindBody Centering Yoga is open to everyone, regardless of yoga experience, background, physical abilities, or belief system.

We offer a variety of  MBCY trainings annually.

Trainings are held at Global Breath Studio in downtown Durham NC.


MBCY RYT 300/500

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National Brain Awareness Panel Discussion part2. Nina Be tells her story of recovery from brain trauma and demonstrates mediation techniques to deal with it.


In a great sweep of divine trust, wonderful and wild humans have come to visit Nina's threshold.    

We were looking for nourishment that was not advertised or valued in the world.                    

There was a sometimes-crippling fatigue from too much disappointment...disappointment from  not being understood, being judged by unseen criteria, being harmed for being an inconvenience,  being forgotten as we didn’t want to add to the confusion around us. 

Slowly, we proceeded into understanding, finding nourishment and strength that was already divinely created.                                              

We made some tea. We found some quiet and rested.                                                                      

We wrapped a warm blanket of trust around our presence together.                                                

Together, we created warm and quiet places -- ‘home’ -- out of necessity and innate grace.

We made our way carefully... with strengths gleaned from our weaknesses and wisdom from our mistakes.                                          

We befriended what had been rejected, held precious what was to be forgotten.

Led by compassion, we came to understand that our breath, thoughts, words, and deeds created deep imprints upon the fabric of our reality. These tenets are the essential fundamental Truths within MindBody Centering Yoga. Through MBCY, we create liberation for ourselves by defining and embracing our authentic paths of power.                                                                                                                                                

Beautiful youth have put down cutting blades, life-threatening restrictions, drug habits, and self-abuse and become energized guides for others like themselves.

Wizened folks have stood up from their rockers and traveled the globe to offer the grace of their well-lived, almost-silenced experiences.

Lonely individuals, threatened by the disposable nature of corporate vocations, have arrived into unlimited imagination and creativity. They thrive as experts devoted to their reverent livelihoods. 

As we become quiet and listen in the sacred circles of MBCY, the chaos and confusion settles. As we arrive into this circle of question-askers, our shared understanding waters seeds of expression that may have lain dormant. These dormant seeds often feel like an exuberant Self that has longed to be heard and held.