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mindbody centering yoga


mindbody centering yoga


"the body is a calligraphic gesture of the mind"


MindBody Centering Yoga is a cutting-edge technique that awakens the innate intelligence of the mind/body/heart into their full, unified potential. A sophisticated confluence of Master teachings from the arts and sciences of hatha/raja yoga, the grace of classical dance, psychology as the study of consciousness and the mind,  Alexander Technique as attunement, experiential anatomy,  psycho-somatic neurology, energy medicine and spiritual sutra study as essential Self, MBCY is an empowering practice that has supported thousands of people from all walks of life to enhance their love of yoga and life purpose to serve and love.   


MBCY Teacher Trainings


MBCY RYT 300/500

"My experience in the MBCY teacher training was incredible. It was exactly what I needed at that time of my life, but it was far more than I bargained on. I not only graduated as an authentic yoga teacher with deep understanding and teaching experience, I went on a spiritual journey within myself and found the courage to fully accept my own weirdness and see the beauty all living beings. It was the most radically healing thing I have ever done for myself. I have much gratitude for Nina Be and the other amazing people who went through the training with me. I would strongly recommend that anyone who appreciates yoga and wants to make personal breakthroughs, deepen their practice or learn to share their practice through teaching do the MBCY teacher training... amazing and unique."  rosco davis

"I did the MBCY Yoga Teacher Training and am so glad I chose to do the training there. Nina and Bart have such a profound understanding. The student is met where they are in their practice and have such an intelligent sense of what to do to help the student progress. They focus on self care and use a lot of Mindfulness as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh. They are trauma sensitive and trauma informed. This not the average Yoga studio that is overly asana focused. You get the whole yoga philosophy, and at the same time, they are also very knowledgeable on technique of the asanas. The studio is beautiful, like a temple in the middle of downtown Durham. They use live music as much as possible. It is a place where you will not just get "yogacise," but rather a place that offers an opportunity to embrace the journey to the true self."  greg horn

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