meditating hand mudra

Stilling the mind and body in meditation is at the core of MBCY so as to create true happiness for ourselves and others. These techniques are effective for individuals, groups, corporations, universities, families and all.

mindful counseling

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Understanding and deep listening as applied mindfulness are reflected in the care and counseling offered through MindBody Centering Yoga. Our trauma-sensitive techniques gently support individuals in order to assist in their attainment of quality personal growth and optimize thriving.

social activism

child lovingly touches mans head

Our mission is to create and support sustainable programs for the thrivance of all of life; children, families and communities, locally and globally.


We specialize in offering a holistic approach to mindbody integration that focusses on relieving distress in the modern world. Our trauma-sensitive techniques focus on ...

  • Practicing the foundations of classical yoga for a productive daily life.

  • Focusing on ones innate resources through experiencing embodied, conscious anatomy.

  • Developing clarity for decision-making through highly attuned, deep awareness within practices of the alexander technique, somatic sciences, neuro-physiology, and ideokinesis.

  • Practicing Applied Mindfulness for Living as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh, the father of mindfulness.

  • Understanding the art and science of Yoga through Mindfulness in Action for modern times.

  • Studying the subtle power of one's unique energetic nervous systems (chakras) for wisdom and empowerment.

  • Mindful nutrition & eating, sustainability and community as global consciousness.


"[MBCY's] focus is on self care and use of Mindfulness, as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh. It is trauma sensitive and trauma informed. This is not the average Yoga that is overly asana focused." - Greg Horn