teaching peace, being peace.

The only way to change a story is to write another. This can only be done by spending time listening to our bodies and creating compassionate space.
— nina be

MBCY started LiveGlobally, an nc NGO, to serve children with experiences of MindBody fun in order to build thriving communities and empowered individuals. 

The LiveGlobally seed was germinated while nina be was working with under-resourced children in Harlem in 1973, sharing movement music and magic. Learning to travel the great racial divide together, children and mentors co-created experiences, performances and moments full of happiness and health. For the last 4 decades thousands of individuals have joined the LiveGlobally community to serve learn and grow. The seed that sprouted in Harlem has born fruit in Nairobi, Costa Rica, North Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana and beyond. There is only love and gratitude