Advanced Yoga Training Testimonials

"MindBody Centering Yoga’s 300hour training gives you the opportunity to study with incredible teachings within a personal and supportive framework. Nina Be has crafted a program of study that incorporates current yoga research and techniques within the framework of historical teachings and traditions. You will emerge from this training with an articulated and clear sense of how you want your yoga practice and teaching to be of service in the world, and with the necessary skills and support to make it happen." 


Yoga teachers in pose outside.
MBCY training held a conscious awareness of how each breath, word, and every subtle movement creates an imprint on the psyche and our environment at large. This intuitively designed training, based on therapeutic and trauma-sensitive techniques, helped me discover ways to listen more empathetically and honestly with myself and others. While our western culture focuses more-so on asana, the MBCY advanced training invited curiosity towards healing and stillness within all aspects of sentient beings. Nina’s Yoga Nidra classes, in particular, used careful grounding and integration, which has helped me develop a transformative self-practice and new therapeutic tools to work with clients.
— Melanie ONea

In the 500 hr MBCY training we not only dove deeper into the asana practice, but we also expanded our knowledge about other systems of yoga such as the chakras, pranayama, nada yoga, and koshas. All while learning how we can apply the various systems to provide holistic approach to our future clients. We learned the vital skills of providing yoga to meet the needs of our client base and this training was instrumental in guiding me how to grow as a yoga professional.
— Katelyn Daly
Yoga teachers supporting each other.

yoga teachers hands of compassion on shoulder
MBCY advanced training offers a truly unique emphasis on the ancient wisdom of yoga. Nina Be is a master at the art of giving nuggets of her years of gathered wisdom and inviting each individual to embody all that is available. The training is packed with practice, philosophy, ancient traditions and therapeutic approaches to healing. This training had a profound effect on me and led me to understand that this life is a process of listening with all aspects of the body and truly hearing what is being said. The true nature of yoga is healing the body and mind. Nina’s teachings have allowed me to add this embodied practice to my work with many special individuals and helps me to guide them on their path to embodiment. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn the many healing aspects of MBCY.
— melanie hester
This 300-hour yoga program offers an opportunity to steep yourself in the body, breath and spirit of yoga - and the practice delivers an authentic experience. It is difficult to summarize such a dynamic training, but overall MBCY-300 reinforces Svadhyaya - the self as a tool for understanding and a foundation for growth, in whatever manner you seek - as a yoga teacher, yoga student, or human being.

Om Shanti
— Lauren Hamilton