Yoga teacher training mentor Nina Be assists student in downward dog with hands on adjustments.

Take your yoga career to the next level with the MBCY Advanced Yoga Teacher Training & Mentoring Certification
[Jan 2018-Dec 2019]

MBCY is one of the first professional yoga trainings teaching a trauma-sensitive orientation to yoga techniques. This deeply respectful perspective supports the physical, mental, and emotional grace of innate potential, with deep presence, hard work, support with loving kindness. 


What to expect ::

The MBCY Advanced Training open format, offers everyone an opportunity to experience deeper knowledge in a particular specialty area of yoga technique, acquire an RYT 300/500 certificate with Yoga Alliance, and/or professional CEU credits. We have made sure to provide regular mentoring with senior staff to guide all certificate students on their path.

By following ones instinctual gifts of practice, a participant in the Advanced MBCY Training is invited to direct their focus in one of the following specializations: Yin Yoga, Yoga & Mental Health, Yoga For Trauma, Chakras Studies, and Yoga & Art.

This open format gives you the opportunity to explore each 30-hour module or make your own 50-hour intensive specialization. Anything is truly possible, expect miracles! 

Each module costs $325, plus books, for 30 hours of training.

Each specialization costs $500, plus books (~$50) and 10 yoga classes ($100). 

*The MBCY membership provides an amazing opportunity to enjoy saturating your learning experience with unlimited access to learning.


Being in touch and diving into ourselves cultivates the professional skills to support others.


MBCY technique ::

MBCY core practices are rooted in the powerful and substantial ethics and techniques established by the Classical Hatha-Raja lineage of Sri P. Jois, SriDharma Mittra and Iyengar, Emobodyoga and Bonnie Baimbridge Cohen, Applied Mindfulness as imparted by Thich Nhat Hanh, organic psychology as developed by Nina Be, neurobiology, kinesthesiology, somatic studies, Ayurveda and sutra study. The focal intention of all courses is to create a sustainable foundation of teaching tools that are well-researched and immediately powerful!

Our professional experience in the transformative power of MBCY techniques has supported an approach that neither diagnoses nor prescribes for practitioners.


Each training weekend module begins ...

Friday (2-5pm) with structured practices that form the core principles of MBCY 8-limb protocol:: meditation, pranyama, asana, nidra scripts, yoga therapeutics and research and a check-in/ review/discussion of personal practice results and mentorship of core curriculum subjects. 

Saturday (7:30-5:30) & Sunday (7:30-6:30) with meditation, sutra study, check-in, asana technique class, followed by various themed presentations, labs and discourse embodied in MBCY techniques and Mental Health.

Each 3-day weekend MBCY module includes the following devoted hours needed to fulfill the MBCY Advanced Yoga RYT 300 // RYT 500 Certification...

  • 8 hours of 8-limbs Technique (all levels)

  • 5 hours of Teaching Methodology (trauma sensitive)

  • 2 hours of Embodied Anatomy (organs, bones, muscles, nerves, connective tissue)

  • 4 hours of Philosophy & Applied Mindfulness in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh

  • 5 hours of Practicum (hands on assists & pedagogy)

  • 6 hours of Research & Development through personal practice and mentorship

*Each module qualifies for 20 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance. You must apply for the MBCY Advanced Training. 


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"I have witnessed the miraculous results of 'deep presence' for students who felt hopeless or deeply entangled with some kind of pathology, diagnosis or feeling they were broken and needed to be fixed. I created the MBCY curriculum to build 'deep presence' in any practitioner who wishes to facilitate deep peace and potential in the present moment. MBCY is a living form of yoga that is meant to be used out in the world to create immediate effects of soothing and profound support."

- nina be, MBCY director and expert yoga therapist.


Core curriculum

Each personalized training weekend module course encompasses a full spectrum of in-depth experiential practices in...    

  • injury preventative, multi-leveled asana technique classes in the MBCY system-

    • MBCY sequences (level l, ll & lll)

    • Restorative Centering ''asana nidra'

  • creating unique multi-level classes that inspire your 'authentic' approach to yoga

  • 10 classical pranayama techniques

  • a variety of meditations to meet each individual with the particular support needed for awakening awareness with loving kindness

  • body reading techniques

  • yoga nidra scripts for addressing territories of stress

  • kinesthesiology

  • developmental anatomy

  • informed hands-on assisting & props

  • mantra & mudra

  • yin/yang energy practices

  • embodiment principals

  • psychosomatics

  • neurology

  • applied mindfulness & philosophy in the modern world

  • sutra study

  • research & teaching labs

  • building a professional practice


In the 500 hr MBCY training we not only dove deeper into the asana practice, but we also expanded our knowledge about other systems of yoga such as the chakras, pranayama, nada yoga, and koshas. All while learning how we can apply the various systems to provide holistic approach to our future clients. We learned the vital skills of providing yoga to meet the needs of our client base and this training was instrumental in guiding me how to grow as a yoga professional.
— Katelyn Daley

Required to apply

All candidates for the MBCY RYT 300/500 professional certification must have...

  • an RYT 200 certification is required in order to qualify for RYT 300/500 certification with yoga alliance.

  • a personal practice of yoga/meditation 2-3 times a week for at least one year.

  • at least 2 MBCY classes with nina be

  • notified teachers of all medications, injuries and surgeries.

Non-Certificate Seekers // There're other great options for anyone interested in learning trauma-sensitive yoga techniques and attaining powerful life skills to navigate a fast-paced competitive world: check-out MBCY's one-day advanced workshops or consider the RYT 200 MBCY teacher training.


How to apply

Please visit our application page for step-by-step application instructions. In overview, the application will request:

  • Your personal information

  • A 500-word essay about your yoga experience and your intentions for the program

  • A $50 application fee (which is credited towards your program tuition upon acceptance)

  • Documentation of a completed RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training or a description of your experience and proficiency in the practice of yoga or a related discipline.

After applying, you have until January 1st, 2020 to complete 300 hours from the following MBCY advanced yoga curriculum:

  • 13 specialized modules

  • restorative yoga nidra retreats

  • all core curriculum reading & self-study




January 4 - 6, 2019 Touching the Infinite Potential  of Embodied Asana through all levels:: lower body focus

January 18 - 20, 2019 Power of the Chakras

February 1 - 3, 2019  Touching the Infinite Potential  of Embodied Asana through all levels:: torso/organ focus

February 15 - 17, 2019 Self Care for teachers & all

March 1 - 3, 2019  Touching the Infinite Potential  of Embodied Asana through all levels:: upper body/mental focus

March 15 - 17, 2019 Embodied Anatomy & Creative Writing for Living & Vision Boards

May 10 - 12, 2019 Yin Yoga Training::  Meridians, Organs and Fascia



MBCY advanced training offers a truly unique emphasis on the ancient wisdom of yoga. Nina Be is a master at the art of giving nuggets of her years of gathered wisdom and inviting each individual to embody all that is available. The training is packed with practice, philosophy, ancient traditions and therapeutic approaches to healing. This training had a profound effect on me and led me to understand that this life is a process of listening with all aspects of the body and truly hearing what is being said. The true nature of yoga is healing the body and mind. Nina’s teachings have allowed me to add this embodied practice to my work with many special individuals and helps me to guide them on their path to embodiment. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn the many healing aspects of MBCY.
— Melanie Hester


We offer a a variety of ways to access the resources of the MBCY Advanced Training. After applying, you can choose a pay-as-you-go payment plan or sign up for our unlimited membership


Pay as you go

Fees [$250]

registration + core text materials fee = $250

Training [$3,250 - $4,250]

Ten 30-hour modules
(300 hours) = $3,250
+ $500 per specialization

+ $500 per 4-day retreat  *recommended

Unlimited membership

  • The Seeker [$3,500]
    * Unlimited 30-hour modules
    (specializations & retreats not included)
    + 50% off MBCY Trauma Series Groups
    + 10 free MBCY yoga classes
    + 10% off MBCY Retreats
    + 10% off MBCY store

*You still have to apply before signing up (fees not included)



We understand the magnitude of these offerings, and if you still have questions please contact us or feel free to check out our FAQs for the MBCY Advanced Training.