How can we realize a life we love, supported and not separate from all that is? How is isolation a deadly side effect of abandoning our true feelings? What patterns from ones life may limit potential?

Discover how the creative imagination is an inner resource that offers us a wealth of options to envision the life we love…where we feel we may have hit the wall!

Having witnessed thousands of persons suffer hopelessly in isolation, yoga therapist nina be (MA. M.ED. E-RYT500) offers practical resources for envisioning a fulfilling life. Using the chakras as mapping devices, everyone is invited into the colorful realms of the dynamic mindbody and heart to manifest the now/future . We will explore researched methods of creative self-expression; color, cutouts, archetypes and journaling to adventure into potential & purpose. 


Module:: $325
Specilization:: $500

What to Expect::

MindBody Centering Yoga practices of embodied physical postures, Yoga Nidra, Nada Yoga (crystal singing bowls & mantra), energizing & calming breathing techniques & creative expression through writing & art, clear the mind/body to enter the ‘Creation Space’. By accessing the Creation Space as part of our pure being, we find courage & grace to express unprocessed questions about the whys and wherefores of beliefs & experiences that we haven’t had the skills or time to process. Each participant will experience individualized empowerment to build positive self-regard within the Self & within community. This is mapped with magical timelines and the grace of color and images.


  • Delighting in tracing the life moments of our timelines through the whole yogic Self

  • Exploring maps of human anatomy for understanding one’s body as a resource for grounded wisdom & potential.

  • Using our gift of imagination to create our world now and in the future.

  • Creating one’s life adventure from understanding the root of one’s happiness.

  • Exploring stream of consciousness journaling which gives us access to deeper levels of our selves; memories, emotions & archetypes in a way that reclaims a positive narrative about ourselves.

    • Defining our emotional, physical and spiritual needs

    • Looking at the physical mental and energetic roots of distracting desire, craving, habit energy

    • Transforming loneliness

    • Are you sure?

      Required resources::

Body Stories - Andrea Olsen(for sale @global breath studio)

Expressive Writing- J.W. Pennebaker & J.F.Evans(for sale @global breath studio)

'Centering' cd - nina be

Meet Your Teacher:

Nina Be

Nina Be

Living from Embodied Anatomy & Creative Writing.jpg

Global Breath Studio
Durham, NC

Fri: 2-5 pm;
Sat: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Sun: 7:30 am - 6:30 pm


March 15-17, 2019

You must pre-register for modules 2 weeks in advance (space permitting).