Being Taught by Oppression (poem)

These words have hung in my soul for over half a century.   they are ripe.

re membering this land stands upon
as blessed by the prayers of the natives who bless it still
those we cannot kill
our strength birthed upon the crooked backs
of women raped and starved and black
Violence the framework of the oppressed
boatloads of them
Doing what was familiar
to themselves and others
their children born into narrower and narrower funnels of delusion as education
and yet we stand

we create
we are forgiven

as if it never happened
the grace of sky’s mind still lay curly white
hanging from heavens that smile
and  dance rain water as promise

bow to the oppressed
belly to sacred Earth pressed
barely able to catch the light from behind eyes of this starved messenger of forgetfulness

may my awakening teach me about the territory of thaw
to own my self inflicted habits of torture
because it is known as my country

leave it alone in the open fields of wild flowers cultivated by the ancestors
its poison bleeding out into the waters of all beasts who drink trustingly from this human hand

the oppressors are none other then the parts of ourselves who abide as neighbors to the wise
one who never sleeps
one eye open
taught by the deep oceans beasts who watch and sing of sacred sleep
as death with peace
grasping nothing in greed
pleading for grace to awaken
be seen by the fortitude torture teaches

by our own hand we liberate