birth days

being human has always been an inquiry ....from the very beginning.  

 it has been so uncomfortable and miraculous...the whole thing; love, clarity, smiling, trusting, entrusting.  vulnerability seems a treacherous path, and thats the only path walked by children.

as i come to the other side of power, the lessons of darkness need to be pulled from deep inside for careful and kind examination.  they are inviting the light..before the next form can be manifested.

these dark fumes are the echoes of past blessings i held for others in trusting intimacy. no matter how battered i got, holding knowing  trust, somehow,  abided in all of life.  no matter how damaged, knotted up or bloody, the truth of the pure being of manifestation could be sensed.

 pure being is the essence of life and trust.

the yogic path can be clearly directed and uplifted; one of off-gassing negative karma and blocked life force.  it can also be wrought with charletains and deception, since everyone wants to believe that they have already arrived!  

that being realized, the only deceiver that is my business is me.  arriving can be refocussed into a deep felt experience of the process of awakening . even the cosmos is ever-awakening and has been fro before any human can understand is 'before' or 'until'.