Converging Grace Special Needs Children’s Yoga Teacher Training w/Melanie Hester MBCYryt-500

There are many theories on the development of humans. Science suggests that from the moment of conception there is what appears to be organized chaos. Multiple players in a beautiful convergence of what becomes the first cell of life.


Beliefs on how we develop vary. Is it nature or nurture? Is it simply genetics? Are there critical stages of development? Whichever the case, any deviation from the normal can cause an interruption, a difference, a way of being and presenting both physically and psychologically.

Coming to the table of life, we all present with a different menu of genetics, circumstances and experiences. Our brains are wired and rewired throughout our life. Much like the shapes in a rock that has been worn by time, the dowry of our existence carves the way we manifest in the world. Thus, we are all morphing each day. Our differences can be extreme or subtle. They can be as simple as a moody temperament or as extreme as aggressive, violent behaviors. They can be as simple as green eye color or as extreme as blindness. We all exist as a collection of differences. It is only by knowing and supporting ourselves and others can we understand, grow and adapt. We are inextricably woven together.


Breath, movement and touch are the silent conversations we have with ourselves. Even before we have language, we can feel. There is a knowing that is held in the body. Our particulars are held in the cells, the tissues, the organs. We remember many events of our lives in our body and in our minds. Yoga provides breath and movement to the cells, tissues and organs. Yoga by its very definition, is a union of the body and mind. Whatever comes to the mat can be recognized and embodied. Growing big with breath and finding space in the body through movement allows us to be available to what is. Modern culture doesn’t foster movement or breathing for reflection. We are a society of linear and static mover. Our breath and bodies closed to the availability of potential. As adults, we are caught up in the whirling of our day to day lives. Our babies, young children and adolescents are not given the opportunities for play, to use their imaginations, to move in non-linear patterns. Teaching yoga to children provides a vehicle to move in all directions, to imagine, to explore, to feel, to sit, and to become familiar with themselves.


Converging Grace Children’s Yoga Training is an adventure of playful exploration through the stages of child development. It is an opportunity to learn how to teach yoga to all children no matter their developmental or physical differences. We use games and stories that promote self-love, acceptance and compassion for others. Activities that allow choices and non-judgmental creativity and music and songs that promote movement in all directions all steeped in the ancient and traditional practices of yoga. Using the body and breath, children of all ages and abilities can