Exploring Joy in Your Pleasurable Life!

Our love of life and thriving brings us to the watering hole where we meet others. We find parts of our Selves projected out into the environment through our relationships. How skillfully we navigate these relationships depends upon the tribal codes of behavior that defined our survival to that point.  We flow into and out from these taught codes of morality and behavior, refining our skill sets and developing our capacity to yield and stay afloat an ever-changing set of circumstances. 

The Sacral Chakra:: Svadhistana Water

Attuning to the body in order to find stability as homeostasis, develops our ability to ‘sense’ other parts of the Self -- such as our emotions, which also swim within these waters. Emotions give our internal worlds color, texture, nuance, pleasure, and ample motivation to stay interested and curious in our selves; our well being, and the effects we create in the world. 

Explore creating ease in the moment by 

• Calming Breath (4 - 2 - 6)::

◦ Begin your practice, sitting comfortably or lying on your back with support under the head and knees. Allow the shoulders to fall open onto the Earth while your arms rest along side the body, palms facing up, creating space for an open heart. Be comfortable and able to rest. Release the jaw. Let the eyes close and soften. The tongue is relaxed. 

◦ Drawing the focus into the interior of the body, enjoy 10 breaths in through the nose and out through the nose, observing the body.  

◦ Begin Calming Breath by filling the lower lungs, then the mid lungs, then the upper lungs on a 4 count inhale. Suspend the breath. Then empty the upper lungs, then mid-lungs, then the lower lungs on a 6 count exhale. Continue to breathe comfortably with a rhythm of 4-2-6 for 10 breaths. 

◦ Observe the results of this practice for 10 normal breaths.