yesterday, the sister of a beautiful, yet estranged yoga student, tested that my dear student had surrendered to breast cancer.

the shock stopped me in my tracks 5 minutes before class was to begin.

there... in the pond of 20 humans,struggling to stay afloat.."right, left, breathe, repeat, pidgeon then cat tail stretch then child's pose, or was that bridge?" i just stopped .



and as i looked around the room, the precious students just did the practice.


in the precious presence of so much love there was space to explain that i was distracted by the prayer for one who had suffered .

the room sighed and we all continued

graced by a reminder

life is not a guarantee

yoga is a gift.

that is all.


it feels incredibly loving to be able to bow in front of my students

realizing that it is i who is learning.

there are no words for the magnificence of such.