Meet one of our Durham-based MBCY Teachers: Kristen Hess

Kristen Hess

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The MBCY methodology has helped me develop an asana practice that is guided not from the muscle but from the regenerative intelligence of our bodily systems including the bones, joints, organs, glands and inter-connective tissue as well as the natural forces (elements, gravity/levity, vibration) that influence life on earth and beyond! When practicing asana in this way, the shapes become much more intuitive and spacious. Instead of burning up energy, easeful movement nourishes and rejuvenates the body-mind-spirit.

From the MBCY Advanced Training, I've learned how important my personal 8 limbs practice is as a teacher. I know it needs to be a priority, not only to maintain my own sense of balance but also because it's more serving to speak from experience (which is always developing) rather than reading from a script that encourages habit patterns. I especially love yin yoga because it is a clear invitation to slow down and tune into the subtle currents of life - known and unknowable. In my experience, the MBCY approach makes all yoga yin yoga.


Currently Teaches at Global Breath Studio::

12.15-1.15pm // Chakra Alignment Yoga + Piano

5.30-6.30pm // Yin Yoga Super Stretch