Creating strength in difficult times.

Picking ourselves up and re-entering our lives after devastating events requires us to summon our resources. In order for things to be different, we must glean value from the lessons suffering imparts by engaging with self-worth, jealousy, protection, commitment -- the hard stuff. 

The solar plexus chakra:  manipura fire

We know we are in the 3rd chakra when more strength is needed. This may be physical, mental, emotional, energetic, or spiritual. Most likely, this message is delivered via injury, a test, heart-break, anger, feeling silenced, or feeling cut off from our highest wisdom.

Essential nourishment needs to be breathed in and out, received and shared with awareness and consciousness, for in each breath lies the history of every breath ever taken. Imprinted by the shocking and sheltering effects of our lives, the solar plexus represents our ability to care for ourselves and the impact our choices make on the most sensitive part of our nature.

Evolving out of the unpredictability of life, out of grasping and letting go, out of containment and flow, our ‘will’ gains strength through these experiences of our ‘successes’ and ‘failures’.  Exploring the feedback from Mother and Father, from those close and far, the development of the individual begins as choices are made and one accepts responsibility for the consequences of such.

From the dynamic ebb and flow of living, our transformation manifests as ‘will’, the fuel that will warm the heart. This process of transmuting water to vapor can be intense and disorienting as we let go, out of the security of Earth and release into the unknown of what will be infinite. 

Resistance (‘freeze’ ) weighs down the process of transformation into stagnation and entrapment in patterns that will not serve growth. Frustration and  suffering may be created from the inability to build commitment and will, into the strength and assurance needed to thrive and grow.

Purposeful Self-Care

Some daily practices of mindful self-care create peace and clarity within the mind and body. Purposefully notice your experience within your mind and body when you are: 

  • Cleaning
  • Breathing
  • Eating fresh foods
  • Drinking fresh water
  • Finding stillness