The Healing Power of Chakras: muladhara

Muladhara’s fundamental qualities are innocence and inner wisdom. These characteristics are evident in babies and small children. Simplicity, joy, purity, integrity, balance, and action without desire for personal gain are other qualities manifested by this chakra.

supportive aspects

Muladhara chakra is the metaphysical seat of Shri Ganesha, the Eternal Child and son of the Kundalini Shakti. Ganesha guards the Kundalini with great alertness and uncompromising zeal. Once Kundalini is awakened, reverence for the inner Divine and the desire to serve it gradually becomes heightened. By awakening the qualities of muladhara, we learn to be more innocent, less driven by selfish motives, and to rediscover our innate wisdom. These skills enable us to make better decisions in our lives, despite fear of other authorities.

The lotus of muladhara has four petals that metaphorically refer to the four vritties: dharma (psycho-spiritual longing), artha (psychic longing), kama (physical longing) and moksha (longing for spiritual liberation).

The development of our root chakra began in the womb and continued through the physical process of our birth. The literal roots of our bodies are our feet, legs, and tail bone. These parts of our bodies help us recognize our supportive connection to the Earth and teach us how to self-regulate healthily in our quest for ‘belonging’. 

 This nonverbal arena is easier to understand through exploration and experience rather than explanation. There are many ways to begin exploring ‘integration’ and ‘grounding’ through your root chakra. Your starting place could be a red sweater or a red painting. It could be child’s pose or walking outside barefoot. It could be a childhood photograph. It could be the smell of cinnamon. These are just suggestions: allow your ideas, thoughts, emotions and memories to take any form (images, words, music, movement) arriving at the truest expression of your Self.

In order to feel whole, we need to allow ourselves to be integrated and grounded as we are held by the Earth. To support your Self, in the morning, or evening, take a break, settle into yourself by using an MBCY Breathing Practice to connect to your body.

From this quiet place, allow space for one of the questions below, relating to an aspect of muladhara chakra, at the base of the spine . This may be an unanswered question or one you may have been asking your whole life. This process of writing will illuminate dark rooms of the unknown that live in the house of your body, the place where your truest Self lives.

Enter each dark room, of the mind, emotions and sense unseen parts of your being sometimes called the ‘heart field’-trusting the brightness of your innate intelligence. Each prompt is related to some aspect of intelligence and ‘knowing’ that can be found in the many parts of your Self.

muladhara self study

1. ask your Self...

What was important in my family when I was  a child?  What is most important to me now?

What does the “mother” archetype bring to mind? Observe if any of these elements are positive, negative or neutral.    

2. be proactive, make a list of things to ‘Stop Doing’ that make you feel like you don’t belong.

What kinds of nourishment can you provide for yourself in this new space?


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