How to hold relationships with fluidity & peace.

The resonance of the heart is 10 times that of the brain, which makes the heart the most powerful source of intelligence in the living being. When this vital source of warmth and spirit is shut down with thoughts of negativity or scarcity, the life force of the living organism is minimized. This may register in a person as feelings of depression, hopelessness, or anxiety. 

The heart chakra: ANAHATA ~ air

A healthy heart is not a metronome. A healthy heart is a highly evolved and responsive aspect of each unique living organism. All of the converging currents from within and beyond the body meet in the heart, which can create disorientation, overwhelm, or an inability to focus when left unattended. 

When we acknowledge how dynamic it is just being alive, considering diving into the heart can feel pretty overwhelming. The vessel of the body is strengthened as we rise and fall through our lessons, especially when we notice that the mind is entrained with old patterns that may no longer serve our growth. 

The heart is created and stabilized by the lower three chakras. They insure that the ground is steady, that relationships are handled with fluidity, and that there is ample strength and breath to hold the heart up toward the Ultimate Source. 

The upper three chakras meet the lower three chakras in the heart. The downward current of higher understanding focuses our consciousness and supports the evolution of our Best Self.

Living a dynamic life warms the heart and sprouts passion. The field of the heart is a dynamic and responsive source of positive energy and peacefulness. 

Our hearts are connected to all hearts and navigating this ultimate power -- compassion -- requires showing up to our Truth. The heart is a transmitter and receiver of infinite unconditional love and acceptance. With awareness, we can create relationships from this resource of compassion and our lives can be guided with beauty, love, and knowing.

It is important to remember that the conditions for Peace are always available within us, as soon as we focus on peacefulness as our intention. Feeling competitive, angry or jealous lets us know that we need to find some calm and quiet so that we can re-find our way back to our center and love of ‘peacefulness’.  Through our meditations of focusing on our breath, we know how to calm and quiet ourselves. 

Peace is a deep wish for all of us, and it is good to know that we have this in common with every other human being on the planet.

Some daily yoga practices you can experiment with practicing random acts of kindness::

Write a letter of kindness acknowledging a person or an act that would normally go unnoticed — leave a nice note on someone’s car, send a thank you letter to a friend with a list of things you appreciate about them, send a postcard to your favorite author, write a customer service letter acknowledging a hard working grocery cashier or server, write a love letter to yourself.