Envisioning our highest purpose.

We mustn’t negate or dismiss the power of our resonance on others, and we have to take care of ourselves. We are fragile and impressionable. This is the meaning and point of being alive: to be response-able. 

The Third Eye Chakra:: Ajna Cosmos

As we contribute to the resonance of the living matrix, joining all calls and cries, we realize that everything is ultimately sung by the Divine. New language is needed to manifest a more resonant life. 

In order to do so, we need more clarity so that we can respond to the Ultimate Reality, evolve, and ‘change the world’.

Clarity is created through insight and envisioning this connection into our highest purpose. Within the impressionable space of sight and insight, we must still the Self and rest in the darkness of the unknown in order to ‘know’.  

It is from within the darkness that the nuggets of light and clarity are mined. This innate sense of ‘knowing’ is called ‘intuition’, ‘envisioning’,’ imagination’, ‘dreams’.  This sense of ‘intuition’ is as necessary for growth as the food, sleep, and shelter in the first chakra center.

The ‘third eye’ is the seat of the pituitary gland, which administrates the bio-chemistry of the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. Ultimate understanding of our full response-ability arises when we are able to connect with the most subtle parts of our nature and the nuances of our thinking.  

In other words, what we ‘see’ is what we get/become.  

We are, ultimately, Self response-able on this path of transcendence.

Explore noticing the effects on the body and mind as you experience throughout the day, ask yourself, “What am I seeing? What am I not allowing myself to see?”