Discovering your authentic self.

Carrying the flame of compassion from the heart, we are able to touch the vital connection between us that is for the good of all. The support of the breath, heart, and the ability to show up with feet on the ground enables us to declare to the world our authentic purpose. The song of connection bonds and binds us to those in our local and global communities. Supported by this breath of life, we are able to, through the fragile tube of the throat, verbalize Truth.

The throat chakra:: Visshudha Space

The renaming of Self resonates out, from us to others, into the living Matrix. A magical, rippling effect of vibration creates connection, echoing  from body to body, creating our new world, populated by manifestations of our own creation.

Our need for words and a voice can be both painful and melodious, hence the need for purification and alignment. This fragile, powerful longing can fuel courageous acts of self-expression -- either as truth or lies, silent or screaming.

Physically, the sparks of energy that support our unique existence are created by the thyroid and parathyroid in the neck. The blocking energy of ‘shoulds’ keeps us from being able to listen, the pent-ultimate act of bonding, to ourselves and others. Being unable to stop the incessant amount of mindbody ‘shoulds’ indicates that outside forces define our motivation; fear (of punishing consequences for innocent mistakes), shaming  (responses to unspoken ‘rules’), guilt (imposed covering of the heart’s longing to feel), and anger (charged response to discomfort due to lack of resources) only shut down our love of participating.

The deep process of finding language involves silence as much as sound.  Often times, we will find a need for more sleep in order to integrate the brain, heart, body and breath. In some moments of navigating new levels of depth in relationship, mischosen or old language can create discomfort, confusion, or antagonism. These are wonderful opportunities to create deeper clarity. 

Singing the song of life is an indication that we are alive, that we are recognizing our participation in the rippling effect of the resonance of the Self. Whatever song is invited into the heart and then expressed will be one of joy and deep integrity. It is ultimately affirming to express the songs of our hearts, especially when surrounded by the support of silence.  

Other utterances of affirming expression are cries and words, and these need to be held with the whole being; the head aligned over the feet and heart. When our language is positive and connected to the highest resonance of being, this feedback loop supports a positive charge. Sometimes this is called the ‘law of attraction’.  

To maintain our self-worth and steadiness, it is important to review our relationships and limit (or not limit) our connections to others so that we are truly growing our capacity to hold increasing numbers of conscious relationships. 

Once we learn to speak truth, hence manifesting our world, response-ability is infused into our whole being. We have the opportunity to learn the true meaning of “walking the talk”. I remember arriving into the realization that, indeed sticks and stones could break my bones and words did hurt… a lot!

Again and again, people are shut down by some comment made to them in their young lives. The powerful imprint of words deeply altered the pure nature of their being. On the other hand, the beauty of inspiring support can immediately affect us when we have fallen into despair.

Experiment with the effects on the body and mind with these daily practices ::

 Throughout the day, sing to yourself. Play a musical instrument. Listen to the wildlife outside. Revel in the resonant sounds that are the element of the throat chakra.