Welcome to Our Children's Yoga Program


It all started when...

we initiated our nonprofit, LiveGlobally. We committed to improve each individual's well-being through education, nutrition, and creative self-expression; and give  support for children in need.

MBCY's Children's Yoga Program is an opportunity to learn how to teach yoga to all children no matter their developmental or physical differences. We use games and stories that promote self-love, acceptance and compassion for others and themselves. Activities that allow choices and non-judgmental creativity and music and songs that promote movement in all directions all steeped in the ancient and traditional practices of yoga. Using the body and breath, children of all ages and abilities can be honored for who they are while helping them to re-pattern what is there by nature, nurture or both. These yogic tools can help them to slow the movement of the world around them and to come home to themselves when their environments and circumstances are not nurturing. Giving children the gift of movement and breath is giving them tools that become familiar and accessible as they grow and develop into adults. To teach tolerance, acceptance and understanding of ourselves, we also promote the ability to see others.

Currently we offer 2 classes per week!

@ Boys and Girls Club of Durham, NC
 Tues @ 3:45pm-5:15pm

(If interested in bringing MBCY Children's Yoga to your school or organization, please contact us. Thank you!)


Interested in teaching kids' yoga please apply, thank you!

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