Converging Grace Children's Yoga Teacher Training

RCYT certified

MindBody Centering Yoga and Converging Grace Yoga have partnered together to create a Children's Yoga Certification. We'll offer three weekend modules (95 hours) that together will qualify you for the Registered Children's Yoga Teacher Certificate (RCYT). While we recommend, no matter your experience, that you take all three modules starting with "The Basics", as part of the MBCY Advanced Teacher Training we offer the opportunity to take any individual module of your choosing as 15 hrs of CEU credits. 

Converging Grace Children’s Yoga Teacher Training is an adventure of playful exploration through the stages of child development. Our training is about exploring the development of all children and adolescents including those with special developmental and physical differences. We use games, stories, activities, songs and music steeped in the traditions and practices of yoga.   

We are all unique beings intertwined by our thoughts and actions. By playing and learning together, weconverge as one world supporting and caring for one another.

This experiential and interactive training provides participants with a tool kit of knowledge and everything fun to engage and motive young people to embody lovingkindness and compassion for their own unique needs and those of others. 

What we'll dive into::

How can teaching children mindful strategies reduce stress and promote a healthy mind? How do the ancient yogic practices teach children to care for themselves and those around them? What can embodied yoga practices provide children and adolescence that will provide them with a lifetime of learning?

What to expect to learn::

  • Learn the physical and emotional characteristics of the main developmental stages of children and how each stage impacts what and how you teach.

  • Learn the many ways that yoga can benefit children and adolescents.

  • Learn developmentally appropriate yoga based games, stories, songs and asana that incorporate breath with movement.

  • Understand how to communicate with children using non-judgmental and supportive language.

Our Unique Approach::

You'll expereince activities that allow choices and non-judgmental creativity and music and songs that promote movement in all directions all steeped in the ancient and traditional practices of yoga. Using the body and breath, children of all ages and abilities can be honored for who they are while helping them to re-pattern what is there by nature, nurture or both. These yogic tools can help them to slow the movement of the world around them and to come home to themselves when their environments and circumstances are not nurturing. Giving children the gift of movement and breath is giving them tools that become familiar and accessible as they grow and develop into adults. To teach tolerance, acceptance and understanding of ourselves, we also promote the ability to see others.


RCYT Certifacte Modules

You must register 10 days in advance & please bring a vegan dish contribution for lunch. Thank you


Weekend Schedule: 
Sat: 9 am - 5:30 pm
Sun: 9 am - 5:30 pm

Global Breath Studio 
Durham, NC

Children's Yoga Training: Start with the Basics

Basics for Teaching Yoga to Children and Youth: Helping the Magic Unfold

Yoga can help children develop a lifetime of tools within themselves by accessing the body and the breath to regulate emotions, manage stress and find their individual magic. Unlike other trainings, our training also helps you, as their guide, to care for yourself on the journey.

Children's Yoga Training: Mindful Living for Children

Meditations, Mindfulness & Watering the Seeds within Children

Can children be taught to embody loving kindness? How can teaching children mindful strategies reduce stress and promote a healthy mind? How do the ancient yogic practices teach children to care for themselves and those around them?

Children's Yoga Training: Special Needs

Extraordinary Yoga: Teaching for Individual Special Needs

Can yoga be a therapeutic tool for all including those with physical and cognitive differences?What are differences in similarities? Can yoga offer the same access to the inner being to individuals with special needs?