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MindBody Centering Yoga Therapy sessions are offered for children, adolescents, adults, families, couples and groups in the form of private sessions and empowerment circles. Many in pain have been treated by medicines to treat illness, yet, have not been empowered to trust their innate ability to create and maintain their best health. Nina has been honored to guide her clients out of suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Abuse, Scoliosis, Panic Disorders, Chronic Fatigue, TBI, Chronic Pain, eating & relationship disorders, into lives of Grace. 

Before attending your first session, please tend to the following exercise and send it along to ::

Take a few minutes to be specific about what 'symptoms' you would like to resolve in your self...chronic negative anxiety..."i'm not good enough"..."what if i die?"...physical symptoms of fatigue, agitation, grinding teeth, dislike. (Name 1-6 of these.) What triggers you?  Who?  When do you feel vulnerable?  Around whom? For what are you grateful?