MBCY Yoga in the World


Our MindBody Centering Yoga graduates use their love for all beings to create a world where all can thrive. The path out in the world can be fraught with difficulty, and MBCY practices are essential for walking in peace.


ABBEY, mbcy rty-200

Yoga has been a part of my life since I anxiously stepped into my first class as a teen in 2009. The yumminess of asana initially drew me in, while mindfulness and the eight-limb path are what have sustained my practice. Practicing yoga continues to support my mental health, allows me to come home to my body, and reminds me to be present. Although I am qualified to teach yoga, I see myself as a lifelong student and am deeply grateful for all the wisdom and opportunities that have been shared with me. My classes offer a compassionate space for all bodies to experience safe, playful movement, and explore meditation. I hope you leave the mat feeling nourished and connected to yourself and all beings. I teach free yoga at Caare Inc., a non-profit health and social service agency, each Wednesday between 6 pm - 7 pm. Yoga is open to all, free of charge. mats and props are provided. all bodies and all ability levels are welcome, though the class is designed with beginners in mind.

MBCY Classes::

Wednesday @ 6 - 7 pm // CAARE, Inc. (Durham,NC)


DARIA, mbcy ryt-200

Daria is an environmental activist, artist, designer and founder of Eco-Life Guide, The Durham Originals, and uses yoga in her own life to support and inspire her activist lifestyle. For her, teaching MBCY yoga is part of her calling as an agent of change. She works to help students cultivate awareness of the innate intelligence of Self that came with birth, and to align one’s life with such intelligences. She sees hope for the future in the light of yoga and will continue practicing to restore harmony to the planet and people.

MBCY Classes::

Monday @ 7.30 - 8.30 am // Global Breath Studio (Durham,NC)
Thursday @ 12.15 - 1 pm // Global Breath Studio (Durham,NC)


KRISTEN, mbcy ryt-200 + 500

Kristen’s yoga journey started in her teens when she was gifted a yoga DVD and sticky mat for her 18th birthday. Initially she saw yoga as the perfect workout that she could do at home to give her more control over her body image. Eventually, yoga revealed a life-changing new perspective; that her body is a powerful ally, not something that needed to be criticized or controlled. She enjoys sharing the MBCY methodology because, rather than muscling through postures, movement is guided from the regenerative intelligence of bodily systems like the bones, joints, organs, glands and inter-connective tissue as well as the natural forces (elements, gravity/levity, vibration) that influence life on earth and beyond!

MBCY Classes::

Thursday @ 5.30 - 6.30 pm // Global Breath Studio (Durham,NC)


MINA, mbcy ryt-200

Mina identifies as a troublemaker, ritualist, teacher, conjurer, and Spirit seeker. As a child of the Nigerian Diaspora, raised in the American South, her mission is to pick up and carry the work started generations before her to liberate herself and her lineage. To contribute to the evolution of humankind and to reconcile the world as it is with the world as it should be. She is interested in using her yoga practice and teaching to contribute tangibly to a communal and living archive of healing practices and hopes to make yoga accessible to the queer and trans community that she belongs to.


PABLO, mbcy ryt-200

Opening my mind, body, heart to MBCY’s yoga teacher & life trainings (RYT 200 & 500) have given me the strength and tools to stay on my path towards building a more compassionate world. By practicing MBCY yoga and sharing what I learn, I feel a great sense of peace and stillness. There are many ways to center one self and to do good in this world, what I offer is one way of self-study, self realization, receptivity to feelings and an acceptance of oneness. We aren’t meant to do this alone. The more of us that awaken our spirit towards loving kindness practices, the better can we begin to live our best life.


ROSCO, mbcy ryt-200

Rosco is a yoga teacher gifted in helping those who feel isolated or trapped to find inner magic and come out of the box. He empowers students by giving them the encouragement and permission they need to be themselves and try new things on and off the mat. His background is in personal fitness training, Ashtanga Vinyasa and most recently, MBCY. Besides yoga and humans, Rosco is concerned for our planet. His vision is to use MBCY and other healing techniques to help his students deprogram negative beliefs and connect with nature and other souls to move toward a healthier, more conscious world for all beings.

MBCY Classes::

Tuesday @ 7.30 - 8.45 pm // Spanda Studio (Old Murphy School / Durham,NC)
Thursday @ 7.30 - 8.45 pm // Spanda Studio ( Old Murphy School / Durham,NC)


TATYANA, mbcy ryt-200

Tatyana has completed teacher training programs in MindBody Centering Yoga and Dharma Mittra Yoga. She is passionate about making yoga accessible and meaningful for anyone, inspiring a sense of purpose to the practice and inviting a connection to spirituality. Tatyana volunteers teaching MBCY yoga with the Jobstart program for incarcerated women. She is a local clinical psychologist and can be seen wandering in Durham taking photos of clouds.