As a foundational component of MindBody Centering Yoga, nina be leads Healing Circles of Light as a forum for relanguaging sticky pathology that makes folks feel like they don't have any options. These nourishing circles explore

  • Pranyama to release neurological imbalance

  • Asana to support discharge and blocked resources in the body and mind

  • Meditation techniques to train the mind into present moment awareness rooted in the profound teachings of master teacher Thich Nhat Hahn

  • Nada Yoga Sound Healing as nourishment for receptivity of innate recalibrations for thriving

As one of the originators of trauma-sensitive yoga, nina be is a seasoned certified mental health counselor and yoga therapist who has offered nourishing resources with long lasting effects to hundreds of people all over the world who suffer from complex PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, cancer, panic attacks, and eating disorders. nina be offers certified yoga training courses at the ryt-200 & 500 levels.

MindBody Centering Yoga Healing Circles of Light can be offered as welcoming ceremonial circles of empowerment, hour long workshops, retreat weekends, and week-long healing intensives.