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This  series of MindBody Centering Yoga trauma sensitive techniques is designed to create a shift from stress, discomfort and pain, to awareness through experiences of this highly complex, intelligent and compassionate Self.  We will explore and build individualized personal practices to support congruence and integration of the whole Self to inhabit the full and authentic life you are creating.  This is a slow respectful process; step-by-step, held in a gentle and focused manner in order to allow the innate unfolding into homeostasis that all of us have seeded at the center of our beings.  Every living being is peaceful graceā€¦

MBCY trauma sensitive techniques will explore ::

  • MindBody Centering Yoga trauma-sensitive asana

  • Breathing practices to support balanced response

  • Awareness BodyMind techniques:: Yoga Nidra as researched by Dr. Richard Miller

  • Loving Kindness Meditation as a foundation for Being

  • Mindful life skills for everyday  as  taught by Thich Nhat Hanh

  • Psychology of Trauma resourcing the  imagination and creative expression as a pathway to understanding of Self through the Chakras :: Patterns, Archetypes and Positive Psychology (researched methods proposed by Bessel Van de Kolk )

  • Discussion of positive, pro-active modes of home practices to support possibility 

  • How to hold space for a group

MindBody Centering Yoga is not meant as a substitute for traditional therapy.  If you are on medications or in therapy at the present time, please let Nina know.

Nina Be is a Somatic Mental Health Counselor and master yoga teacher who is certified in a variety of curative techniques.  Guided by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, she has developed international programs for managing trauma through self-empowerment and loving kindness in vulnerable individuals and groups for the past 30 years, in corporate environments, universities, health spas and retreat centers.  MindBody Centering Yoga teacher training programs have created highly skilled trauma-sensitive yoga teachers around the globe, who guide health care professionals, corporate employees, children with special needs,  prison populations, rape crisis centers, homeless shelters and in impoverished environments.     Contact:: Nina@ nina-be.com ::  919-559-0464