As part of the MBCY Advanced Teacher Training, we are now offering CEUs as unique diplomas in Yin Yoga, Yoga for Mental Health, Chakra Studies, Yoga for Trauma, Sutras for Modern Living, Herbs to Support the Chakras, and Children's Yoga Basics/Mindfulness/Special Needs. 

Each diploma course is worth 15 hr CEU credits with Yoga Alliance and up to two can be applied to MBCY-AYTT certification, if the student wishes to register for the Advanced Training. Otherwise you can participate in as many diplomas as you wish.

These courses will be offered during the 2018/2019. This gives those interested in MBCY the opportunity to sample our intentional approach to applying yoga in service.


Weekend Schedule ::


11:00 asana anatomy foundations
12:00 q&a
12:45 community lunch
1:15 ayuryoga
2:00-4:00 intro workshop
4:00-5:00 design a practice... establishing a quesition
5-5:30 applied mindfulness karma yoga


9:00 asana nidra techniques
10:45-12:45 mbcy techniques
12:45 community lunch
1:15 ayuryoga
2:00-4:00 applied theory
4-4:30 applied mindfulness karma yoga

*If you decide to register for the MBCY-AYTT after attending a CEU diploma course, your hours and tuition can be applied for the MBCY 300/500 hr certification.

MBCY 2-DAY Diplomas: 15 hr CEUs

You must register 10 days in advance & please bring a vegan dish contribution for lunch. Thank you

*One page weekend assessment ins necessary to complete diploma requirements.

Sat: 11 am - 5:30 pm
Sun: 9 am - 4:30 pm
* please arrive 15 min early

Global Breath Studio 
Durham, NC

Our upcoming CEU weekends...

Yoga + Mental Health: Creating a Healthy Mind Diploma Course

May 26-27, 2018

MindBody Centering Yoga is an applied art & science that supports experiences that create balance and awareness in the gift of the Body. This methodology has supported thousands of beings, empowering them to build trusting relationships for enhanced wellness. 

What we will cover:

  • What defines a healthy mind?

  • How does the Body influence the Mind, and how does the Mind influence the Body? Is the Mind the Brain?

  • What are the 'layers' of the Mind and Body? How do we transform the Mind/Body?

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Healing Power of the Chakras Diploma Course

June 23-24, 2018

We will explore powerful chakra practices supporting a deeper Each student will be able to create specific self-practices pertinent to their individual needs as a template that can be used for healing others. Learn to exercise your skills through holistic experience, theory, pedagogy, & creative arts & sciences.

What we will cover:

  • How does one harness the dynamic powers of the essential Chakra energy centers?

  • Where are the Chakras in the body?

  • How do we access our fullest potential to live a thriving life?

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Yoga for Trauma: Empowering Individuals + Groups Diploma Course

September 22-23, 2018

MindBody Centering Yoga for Trauma module are concerned with learning ways to identify patterns, methods for enhancing self regulation, recognizing the 5 'fs', realizing subtle negative or inaccurate perceptions about others, places, memories and triggers.

What we will cover:

  • How do you know trauma? How does it feel?

  • Where does it live in your mind/body?

  • Where are you free from it in your life?

  • How does it grow & why? How does it stop?

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Yin Yoga Diploma Course

September 29-30, 2018

You will understand leading Yin Yoga practices for more spaciousness, calm and deep understanding of the whole body.

What we will cover:

  • How does Yin yoga affect connective tissue, organs, mental and emotional states of being?

  • How are Yin aspects supportive of all Yoga? 

  • How is Yin Yoga a gateway for deep inner peace?  

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