Children's Yoga Training: Mindful Living for Children


Children's Yoga Training: Mindful Living for Children


Meditations, Mindfulness & Watering the Seeds within Children

Can children be taught to embody loving kindness? How can teaching children mindful strategies reduce stress and promote a healthy mind? How do the ancient yogic practices teach children to care for themselves and those around them?


Using energy anatomy & physiology (nadis and chakras) and ethical living (yamas and niyams) concepts, participants will learn how to apply these ancient yogic practices to develop yoga activities to help children and youth learn relaxation and self-regulation. They will also learn how to engage and motivate young people to embody loving kindness for their own unique needs and those of others.


  • Planting the Seeds of Contentment: Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra

    • Explore how restorative and relaxing yoga can help children and adolescence access their bodies and minds creating space for life

    • Learn developmentally appropriate yoga asana and stories to teach when and how to rest in the body and mind.

  • Rooting into Individual Grace for Growth: Body and Mind Meditations

    • Create yoga based activities and breathing techniques

    • Learn how the chakras, koshas and other energy meridians can be applied to instruction for children

  • Growing the World Through Peace, Love and Acts of Kindness: Mindfulness

    • Learn developmentally appropriate activities that promote individual and social mindfulness

    • Learn ways that will help children and youth apply mindful living to everyday activities