Children's Yoga Training: Special Needs


Children's Yoga Training: Special Needs


Extraordinary Yoga: Teaching for Individual Special Needs

Can yoga be a therapeutic tool for all including those with physical and cognitive differences?What are differences in similarities? Can yoga offer the same access to the inner being to individuals with special needs?


Movement is essential to development from the moment of conception and when physical and cognitive movement is reduced or stagnant, development slows. This course will look at how to provide movement meeting the student right where they are able.


  • Extraordinary Gifts to an Ordinary World: Developmental Differences and Disabilities in Children and Adolescents

    • Understand anatomy and physiology of most common developmental differences

    • Learn practical yoga accommodations the most common differences

  • Extraordinary Grace: Accessing Individual Strengths

    • Learn how to use safe and engaging yoga techniques with children experiencing physical and developmental differences

    • Learn how to find and use an individual’s most developed abilities to teach to their potential

  • Adapting the Ordinary: Accessible Yoga for All

    • Explore the yamas and niyamas and their application in caring for individuals of all abilities  

    • Understand how to use touch safely to teach and show acceptance of all abilities