Embodied Asana through all levels of MindBody Centering Yoga


Embodied Asana through all levels of MindBody Centering Yoga


January 4 - March 4, 2019

Saturdays, 11 am - 5:30 pm

Sundays, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Why practice MBCYoga every day? How does MBCYoga teach about meeting challenges and being grateful? How does MBCY asana strengthen the mind, body and heart? What does it mean to be embodied? What is the difference between working only in your muscles or your bones or your organs or connective tissues? What does sanskrit have to do with asana?

What to Expect::

We invite you to deepen your practice by committing to yourself like you have never dared before! With presence and support all will come; with ease, depth and grace. By the end of this course, you wont recognize yourself…or maybe you will…with amazement!

Use this course to commit to 59 days of You (1/4-3/4/2019). This is MindBody Centering Yoga; to get clear about what makes you authentic, strong, Truthful and powerful!

Please bring a vegan dish to share for lunch. Books available for purchase.

nina be (e-ryt500) and Bridget Crawford (e-ryt200) are from 2 generations of yoga passion. Both Astangis at heart, their love of science, anatomy and deep presence invites you to find the Truth of you through MBCYoga. We promise, we will not throw popular jargon, inaccurate imagery and the impossible at you. Instead, you will be welcomed and lifted up by your innate physical, mental and caring intelligence and grace. You will be challenged, YES, through 3 levels of MBCY sequences and you will always meet yourself new and improved, through it all! When you need to slow down, you will be empowered, when you need to meet that next challenge, you will be supported.

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