Herbs to Support the Chakras Diploma Course


Herbs to Support the Chakras Diploma Course


March 17-18, 2018

Plant medicines can be simple and accessible, yet effective and profound. Herbal medicine is people’s medicine, and Madelyn wishes to empower folks to take control of their own health and well-being.

What we will cover:

  • How can herbs nourish our well being?

  • How can herbal medicine compliment your yoga practice?

  • What herbs you need tosupport grounding and embodiment?

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Yoga means union, union means oneness, oneness means wholeness, and wholeness means health. How can herbs support our health and nourish our bodies, minds and spirits? How can herbal medicine compliment your yoga practice? In what ways would you like to grow? What do you need support with?

Plants and people have been in intimate relationship for thousands of years, and plants are still here for us, available as allies whenever we choose to connect. As beings of the earth, plants can help us attune to a deep groundedness and connection with all. Let’s re-member. Our bodies have the intelligence to be well and in balance. In yoga, we practice finding integration within ourselves and unity with all beings. Asana practice can give us clarity about blockages or tension patterns we may have in our bodies, and places we wish to strengthen or open deeper. Plant medicines can be wonderful teachers and helpers in our process of moving stagnation, smoothing our energy, finding ground, opening our vision, breathing deeply, nourishing our vital organs and nervous system, and so much more.

Together we will journey through our Chakra system and familiarize ourselves with this map of understanding our mind/body/spirit. We will discuss simple ways that herbs can
• soothe stress and anxiety
• support grounding and embodiment
• support meditative states
• provide deep nourishment and support our immunity

...and more!

About the instructor:

Madelyn Sovern is an herbalist, musician, medicine crafter, artist, reiki practitioner, yogi, teacher, and student of Body Dialogue™ . 

Madelyn began formally studying herbal medicine in 2012 at the Florida School of Holistic Living with Emily Ruff. This initial course propelled her into a period of deep study in the herbal healing community, and service to the land, attending herbal conferences and classes across the country, and living on and working with organic farms, eco-institutes, and environmentally conscious summer camps. 

In 2016, Madelyn earned a certification in energetic clinical herbalism from Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine with Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes.

Madelyn currently teaches the youth programs for both the Florida Herbal Conference and the Southeast Wise Women’s Herbal Conference in Western North Carolina. She sees clients in the Asheville, NC area and remotely over the phone. 

Madelyn is a dedicated and passionate teacher and is happy to facilitate connection between people and plants whenever possible. 
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