Yin Yoga: Meridians, Organs + Fascia


Yin Yoga: Meridians, Organs + Fascia


May 11-12, 2019

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Saturdays, 11:00 AM - 5:30 PM // Sundays, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Yin Yoga is defined as a specific and ancient aspect of Yoga that is a gateway for deep inner peace and effective balance for the MindBody. Yoga therapist Nina Be (MA. M.ED. E-RYT500) will guide discussions and practices that have affected deep healing in thousands of clients.

Members of this workshop will examine the value of embodied asana, in order to create deeper health available in the fascia of the body. We will review the meridian systems and the powerful aspects of psychology and wholeness embodied in each organ. MBC Yin Yoga provides every yoga teacher and student the tools to empower more self-confidence, and a variety of ways for leading themselves, students and clients into more spaciousness, calm and deep understanding of themselves.

Topics Covered per Module::

* Essential practices for releasing frustration and anger to support healthy digestion for emotional freedom.
(liver/gall bladder)

*Essential practices for living from the heart of truth and strength, releasing stress patterns of grief that undermine standing firmly on ones path.
(heart/lungs/ intestines)


  • How to create specific series of MindBody Centering YinYoga postures that target specific physical, mental, emotional and elemental conditions in the body and mind.

  • Understanding the meridian energy lines of the body and Chinese Medicine basics.

  • Simple acupressure massage to relieve and replenish specific mindbody imbalances.

  • Experiencing and understanding organ consciousness and its resources for contentment and thriving health.

  • Working with fascia in Yoga and understanding its role in stress patterns, limited movement, breath and stretching.

  • Examining the wide range of experiences for freeing connective tissue in different regions of the body.

  • Facilitating more capacity for athletes and specific abilities with MBC Yin Yoga.

Required resources::

The Science of Self - Rose Erin Vaughan (for sale @global breath studio)

The Complete Guide of Yin Yoga, B. Clark (for sale @global breath studio)