Yoga for Empowerment:: Transforming Trauma in Individuals + Groups | September 7-9 2018


Yoga for Empowerment:: Transforming Trauma in Individuals + Groups | September 7-9 2018

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How do you know suffering? How does it feel? Where does it live in your mind/body? Where do we feel its absence in your life? How does it grow & why? How does it stop?


Over the past decade, Yoga Therapist nina be’s Transforming Trauma series & Empowerment Circles have inspired hundreds of human beings to live fuller lives with purpose and compassion. By cueing present moment awareness through embodied anatomy & breathing techniques, individuals and groups are supported to build trust & sustainable well-being.

Topics covered in this module are concerned with changing the dialogue about suffering and are also the focus of her forthcoming books. This module offers a deep inquiry about what you understand about suffering. Learn ways to identify its patterns, methods of tracking and recognizing it in others, places, memories and triggers.


  • A study of the 7 phases of presence & transformation, deep attention in regards to the 5 bodies.

  • Shared and experiential research led inquiry into the physical, mental, emotional & neurological effects of suffering.

  • Name & explore aspects of various expressions of suffering.

  • MBCY methodology to navigate the 5 F’s.

  • Aspects of suffering will be broken down into cultural, societal, familial & circumstantial origins.

  • Create a positive dialogue about suffering with deep listening, present moment awareness & embodiment.

  • How to use the Yamas and Niyamas as tools to understand & process the suffering transformation.


The Body Keeps the Score . Van De Kolk  MD.

Writing to Heal . Pennebaker .  PH.D

Level 1:: $325  & Level 2:: $500

Level 1:: $325  & Level 2:: $500

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